AJP 1/32 Renault Caudron C 714

By Bill Sarnoff

This is an AJP resin model of a Renault Caudron C 714 of GC 1/145 flown by ppor. Aleksy Zukowski., May 1940. The AJP castings are beautiful with no flash so it all went together very easily. The cockpit was pretty sparse though so most of it was scratch built including the instrument panel and gauges. I'm particularly proud of the "lantern" gun sight, which was completely built up, though it can't be seen from the photos.

The figures are all Mirage Polish tankers but research showed with a little alteration they were close to French ground crew uniforms. The airman's rifle was supplied to me by a French model club who cast it for me.

© Bill Sarnoff 2004

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