Trumpeter 1/35 Hind

By Jean-Pierre van Regenmortel

The Tiger-Striped Hind

After a long period of patience, finally the Hind was arrived, and in my favorite paint scheme. I had the luck to take some pics from the real helicopter at an airshow at Kleine Brogel airbase back in '98.

I started building, the cargo room and cockpit were a little bit to basic, and some detailing was necessary, especially the small gangway between the cockpit and cargo room needed attention. A wall with racks was built from plastic strips and copper wire (for the right side of the gangway) and the left side was a flat wall made with plastic strips also. these material was also used for detailing the cargo room. I decided to keep the right door open, so the left side was only scratched.

After this was done, I made some copper protection wires for the switches in the cockpit area. Then it was time for paints. I took the Testors Russian interior blue/green (2135) and flat black for the cockpit, and Tamiya XF25 for the cargoroom.before I began painting the panels, a wash from raw umber oil paint was applied to give the areas a more "used" look.

So, the "heaviest" work was done, assembling from the main hull and wings goes without any problems, and he's ready now for the tiger paint.

I used Gunze Sangyos FS 36375 for the whole body. The tiger stripes were freehand airbrushed with a modified Badger 100, and with a mixture from Gunzes FS 36118 and extra dark seagray. I used my pics for reference, because Trumpeter's paint layout isn't correct. The dark stripes were "pointed" on the real model, and not "rounded" like Trumpeters plan. After painting. The model was decalled (no problems, very nice decals) and then varnished with Model Air. The main rotor section received some wiring and metal paints from Testors. On the box they used the rocket pods, but on the KBs static plane, there were fuel tanks on the wings, so I used them also. One serious missing part in the box are the flares boxes on the underside of the tail, and now waiting for the new upcoming Mil 17 from Trumpeter.

© Jean-Pierre van Regenmortel 2004

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