Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Phantom

By Neil Ashby

Here are some pics of my Tamiya F-4J Phantom in the markings of 74(f) SQN based at RAF Wattisham, in Suffolk, England.

I did quite a bit of work on it and added basically everything you could get for the Tamiya kit.

  1. Reheat, Seats, RBF tags and intake covers.
  2. Cam SUU-23 centre line gun.
  3. Eduard detail set. Cutting Edge Wheels and AIM-L Sidewinders.
  4. Yellowhammer Decals
  5. Flightpath Skyflash missiles.

I've looked at the F-4J at the American Air Museum at Duxford and it's covered in raised panels all over the airframe,so all this business about Tamiya useing a battle damage airframe is a bit false as ZE359 (Duxford F4J) was never a BDAF as it was flown straight from Wattisham into Duxford after being decommissioned. As for ZE350 (T), it ended up at the scrapmans residence somewhere in Essex.

© Neil Ashby

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