1/32nd F-16I "SUFA"

By Rick Bellanger

The following kits/ sets were used for the conversion:

I am not a rivet counter and go by the "If it looks good, than it's good enough" rule. I picked up the conversion kit at the IPMS Nationals this summer.

The conversion set fit with a little bit of work, especially in the spine area. Had to insert a shim piece to extend the spine to fit the kit. The Aires set for the wheel wells is the typical cut, sand, fit, cut, sand and fit till it fits process. Same goes for the Avionix cockpit set which mated with the supplied rear cockpit quite nicely. The only real problem with the conversion set is the canopy. It is well formed and with a coat of Future quite clear. The problem is lack of detail. For a window of this size I expected some interior detail. I had to scratch build most of the frame structure.

The weapons sets are really very nice. You get the decals and seeker heads in the kits.

I used Model Masters paints to paint the model. The green was a mixture of their Pale Green FS 34227 and RAF Sky "Type S" about 50/50. The rest are stock colors called out in the directions.

Decals (provided in the conversion set) went without a problem.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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© Rick Bellanger

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