Dragon 1/35 500D

By Steven Woods

I'm into building helis and would like you to see a 500 I made of a real one I used to fly. I have sent you a few pics of the Dragon 1/35 500D that I made a while back. I have motorized it so the main and tail rotors spin, tail rotor is geared 4-1 on the main blades. I put a small electric motor in the engine compartment and used a spring and some small drive shafts made out of brass model tubing. the tail gear box is just a right angle piece of spur drilled out and bushes put in place to guide the small drive shafts , the right angle gear is made out of small 1mm dai spring out of an automotive door lock . also I have lighted the instrument panel, looks really cool I used to fly this heli for about a year. I have depicted it on a venison hunt, yet to make the diorama to go with it, Just need a 1/35 deer running down a narrow creek bed with large native trees over hanging it and the heli. I want give the Trumpeter hind and mil17 the same treatment.

© 2005 Steven Woods

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