Trumpeter 1/32 F-8 Crusader

By Howard Weaver

This is my build of Trumpeter´s F8 Crusader which in it´s original kit form is an "E" model. I backdated it to a "C" version using Paul Fisher's kit and Zotz decals. I had been wanting to do this very aircraft to add to my "Sundowners" collection. Paul´s kit and the decals filled the bill perfectly. The conversion kit consists of 16 frets including a new windscreen and metal landing gear which is very nice. The only other modification that I made to the kit was to scratch build missile rails for single sidewinders used in Vietnam in lieu of the double ones found in the kit. I enjoyed doing this version and Fisher´s kit fit nicely. Zotz decals were also very good. I hope you like the model.

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© Howard Weaver

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