Airfix 1/24 Hurricane

By Don Watson

Of all of the kits I have built, this is my favourite. It was built out of the box except for some engine and instrument wiring and radio wire. I used facial tissue for the battle damage repairs on the fabric covered parts of the aircraft, and also over the gun ports to replicate the tape used to keep the guns from freezing (until they fired). On the right hand wing there was a sink hole near the aileron, but instead of filling it I treated it as more battle damage and covered it with a hastily applied "scab patch" that the squadron's fitters would have done while the aircraft was still parked out on the flight line. I tried to finish the model to show an aircraft that has seen a lot of combat in its short life. Instead of using the markings provided to depict a certain aircraft, I used some codes in my spares box to depict an aircraft not "owned" by a particular pilot. Perhaps 4 or 5 different pilots flew this aircraft at different times.

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© Don Watson

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