1/8 Scale Fokker Triplane DR1

By Don Watson

This is a 1:8 scale bare bones DR1. I collected the parts through a magazine subscription over 2 years and it took another 2 years to complete. I used tissue soaked with white glue and water to cover the model. I cut up the tissue to suit individual box sections between wing ribs and fuselage. Then I soaked them in place stretching them taught very carefully. Soggy tissue tears very easily. Boy did that take some time! The result is a covering job that looks like the aircraft has seen a lot of battle time. I modelled this DR1 after one of Ltn. Fritz Kempf DR1´s of Jasta Boelcke, making it look as though the aircraft has just returned from another patrol and had parts of the fabric removed to look inside. The legend on the mid wing translates "Do you know me?" a favourite quote of Kempf´s.

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© Don Watson

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