Revell 1/32 P-51B

By Loic Bridot

Here is a build from the old Revell P-51B depicting an anonymous aircraft from 15th AAF, 325th FG, 317th FS in the MTO.

The Revell offering is certainly not the "kit of the year" but at the time I build this plane in late 2006, there was not too many other option to my knowledge so as the P-51 as always been one of my favourite airplane, I though I should have a try at it.

From the original kit, I only used the main frame (fuselage, wings, and tail feathers), all the rest was either scratch built (landing gear, gun bays, cockpit, and wheel wells) or scavenged from an old Hasegawa kit (wheels, spinner and prop). I wish I shot more in-progress pics during the build but unfortunately I did not.

As far as the assembly is concerned, the most difficult part to fix was for me the overall canopy as the fit is very poor compared to actual standards. Regarding the paint job, this was my first ever natural metal finish with my Badger airbrush and I think it is OK knowing that.

Finally, when I look at it now, there are many things that I would do differently or that I just missed or forget: the riveting on the wings should not be there, the fuel hatches needs further detailing, the mast did not survive the last move from former house and the aerial is missing, the holes to eject the fired rounds are missing on the bottom wing, it is really far from being perfect I would say and I am not even talking about the overall shape.

Still, I hope you will enjoy having a look at it.

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© Loic Bridot 2006

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