Special Hobby 1/32 Brewster Buffalo

By Bob Mack

I think the kit's a gem...no shake and bake by a long shot but I loved every minute of building it. It has multiple bulkheads like a Wildcat or Grumman bi-plane. I generally have the fuselage together and sanded and filled within a day with an Eduard zoom. I didn't even close these for four days...the interior detail is beautiful there is lots of it and the directions left a lot to be desired. I only closed the canopy because I liked the profile better. I don't like this plane with the canopy open but a shame to hide the beautiful cockpit. I had to run tubing spars for the wings and screwed them from the inside...broke both landing gear above the oleo but drilled and pinned them with a paper clip. Gray color is a $3 gray enamel from Kmart...the blue-grey Testors enamel.

© Bob Mack 2013

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