Academy 1/35 AH-1W Super Cobra

By Mohammad Adl

This model is a Academy Ah-1w Super Cobra, box 12702. This kit was very good.

I made in November 2013. This model is with Iran Camouflage. I made this model during about 20 days.

I build this models with all restrictions.

In my country is lack of buying facility results in boycott. The boycott is unfair because that causes hurt to all people not to government (especially artists).

About the Building materials and materials effects on my model. Especially here is very difficult for us modellers here. For example we can not find the material and many of the kits and my country, Because of U.S. boycott. I added a weathering on paint scheme with materials handmade by myself.

This materials in not very good and I don`t like, but we forced.

In Progress Photos

General Characteristics



Finished Gallery

© Mohammad Adl 2013

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This article was published on Wednesday, December 25 2013; Last modified on Thursday, December 26 2013