Hobbycraft 1/32 SPAD XIII

By Bob Laskodi

This is Hobbycraft's 1/32 SPAD XIII built OOB. Done as American ace Eddie Rickenbaker's crate. A pretty straightforward and easy build. This was one of the first models completed after I took a long break from modeling, so I only went with single flying wires. Model is weathered with artist's pastel pencils, which is basically a colored pencil with pastels as the lead. Very easy to use, just lightly draw on what you want highlighted/shadowed, then blend them in with a blending stump (nothing more than a conical paper pencil). Much easier than masking/painting and features great control.

© Bob Laskodi 2014

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This article was published on Wednesday, February 12 2014; Last modified on Wednesday, February 12 2014