Correcting the Kittyhawk Texan Landing Gear Position

By Mike West

Photo one, May be hard to see but on the trailing edge of the landing gear bay opening there are two marks. One is where the gear locator is as in the kit and the one to the left is where it should be.

First step is to remove the two ribs on the outer side of the locator. I do not believe they should be there anyway. Since the plastic is soft they can easily be carved out with a hobby knife.

Here you see I have removed them.

Now to remove the locator so you can reuse it. Again the soft plastic helps. I scored mine on the back stroke using the back of the blade. Do so till you cut through into the locating hole. Then carefully cut through the rest of the part.

I then used a narrow saw blade to saw forward following the wing contour to finish removing the part.

Part removed! Clean it up of scale from sawing.

To replace the material removed from the saw kerf, I attached it to a piece of scrap and opened up the mounting hole. It is now ready to relocate.

Since the forward part of the wheel bay is angled you must trim that side on an angle so it can slide into place.

Here it is relocated. Now just have to repeat on the other side. This operation took me less than 10 minutes.

The two black dots show (top) where the original location was and (bottom) new location.

© Mike West 2014

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This article was published on Friday, February 28 2014; Last modified on Friday, February 28 2014