Eduard 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 - Maj. Helmut Wick

By Esteban Murador

With the Battle of Britain breaking out in mid 1940, Major Helmut Wick raised his victories and rank quickly, claiming a total of 42 victories during the Battle of Britain becoming the highest scoring ace of this campaign. On November 28, 1940, flying over the Isle of Wight in southern England, Major Helmut Wick takes up the fight with several Spitfires. Sadly, right after claiming a victory, Wick and his Bf 109E-4, fell in the hands of British ace Flight Lieutenant John Dundas, a 13-victory ace. At the time, Helmut Wick was the highest scoring Luftwaffe ace with 56 victories and the youngest Major in the Air Force.

I used Eduard's 1/32 scale model kit and the kit decals to produce Major Helmut Wick's Messerchmitt Bf 109E-4 aircraft with 54 victory marks on the rudder.

© Esteban Murador, Red Leader Models, 2014

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