Kinetic 1/32 Sabre - Golden Hawk Mk 5 1959

By William Lawlor

Took the Kinetic kit once again and re-worked the heck out of it. Removed all the deep panel lines and rivets (most of 'em) re-shaped vertical fin, added new tail planes, new nose, gun ports, pylons (re-positioned), new cockpit(AMS), vac canopy, re-worked windscreen and forward windscreen area, re-scribed fuselage and wings ala Canadair drawings, added sugar scoops, vents and hatches, new wing metal landing gear, nose wheel turns, etc, etc. Yes I'm masochistic.

The Sheffield Luxor Pale Gold used on the GH's was a challenge,was a MUCH different shade than just Sheffield.,A while back James Craik sent me a package of the actual pigment powder that was used to paint them...that he liberated from Chatham back in the '60s. Now here's a fellow who knows more about the Sabre than most ever will as he was there and worked with them...thanks again James. Took some and painted a patch on a spare wing.

Tried a number of gold paints with no joy...then I tried formulating Alclad Pale Gold to match the test patch that I had sprayed,after mucking about for some time I think perhaps we got really close (see pic) 15% Alclad Polished Aluminium to 85% Pale Gold. Why didn't we just use the real powder? Particulate was too large (out of scale) plus it jammed my Iwata something fierce.

© William Lawlor 2014

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