HobbyBoss 1/32 P-61B-1 "The Spook"

By Tom Wilson

I really enjoyed this build: it was epic, and taught me some new skills, such as making custom decals (the aircrew names), and using custom masks. I've wanted to build this particular aircraft since I built the 1/48 Monogram version back in the day. My current build log is in the forums.

This particular aircraft has been the subject of misinterpretation by several decal manufacturers, who have called the aircraft "Anonymous III" on the port fuselage, and "The Spook" on the starboard side. These were two different aircraft. I used the following photos for reference in my build:

Note the difference in weathering between the port and starboard propellers, and the relative lack of weathering for the spinners and the aircraft overall. Anyway, I used the following:

© Tom Wilson 2014

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