Trumpeter 1/32 P-38H Conversion

By Alain Personeni

Here is my very latest build, a P-38 backdated to a H version. To do this, I used the "Grey Matter" conversion set. What could I say about this conversion? Well it's not a LEGO build, it needs some putty, sanding, some times a lot, but where would be the pleasure without putty and sanding in this hobby? I ask you. But at least, thank you to allow us to do this P 38. Some minor changes were made in the cockpit as the steering wheel, dash board, radio compartment, and the wind screen etc. All the markings are "home made" except the Japanese flag. I would like to thank Mr skiner, and Danny, without their help, this project wouldn't go to the end.

© Alain Personeni 2014

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This article was published on Wednesday, April 16 2014; Last modified on Sunday, April 10 2016