Tamiya 1/32 P-51D "Duchess Arlene"

By Jeff Owens

This kit is the Tamiya P-51D with a few extras thrown into the mix. The extras that are included are the barracuda resin tires, and the barracuda cockpit upgrade. I also included the barracuda P-51D mustang cockpit stencils and placards. The decals that I used for my build were by Eagle Editions Mustangs Part 1. All interior colors that were used were by Mr. Color. All exterior colors were done by Alclad 2 spray metal. The Alclad paints that were used were aluminum, white aluminum, dark aluminum, and magnesium. I gave my Mustang a wash using Flory Models Dark Dirt wash. This kit is amazing, it goes together really nice, highly recommended for any P-51 fan.

I would like to thank peterpools for the reference shots on his build and the few emails that were exchanged asking advice on a few things.

© Jeff Owens 2014

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