Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190A-8/R2 Stürmbock

By Mal Belford

The kit is a Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190A-8. The pilot I've chosen is Oskar Bosch. What caught me was that camouflage pattern and it sure got me hooked to do this scheme.

This one is my first conversion try and this one got No:12 in finished models since my restart. I keep them numbered, haven't built in 19-20 years and restarted approx 2 years ago now.

I went for a variant on this one, R2, so needed to scratch some parts, that armour on the sides were used evergreen plastic card, and new barrels and joints/parts were scratched since I've learned that they were not covered, as one mentioned Hasegawa's No Nos on this one...those armoured glasses were scratched using evergreen plastic card.

I've riveted this one using RB Productions riveter and also his scriber, the paints I've mostly used were Vallejo's Model and Air colors. All the camo were freehand airbrushed, some detail painting I've used Tamiya, clear coats were Tamiya's, and finally flat coat decanted Tamiya TS80 which in my opinion is superior (tried several ones before, but it works for me), for weathering engine, cockpit wheelbays, landing gear I've used oil colors, and overall weathering I've used Flory's washes.

The build itself went smooth, the fit were very good, I didn't need any putty at all, except used Tamiya putty dissolved in acetone to use as surfacer on wing roots, the joint wing root/engine were a little tricky there I've used CA glue and baking powder to fix it, I did not go for perfect as it was mentioned that it were never perfect fit, there were gaps, so I went for that No Perfect thing. That also resulted in the fact that there is a gap on the rack that holds the fuel tank had to be fixed, there were no gap so fixed that wit some plastic card.

The only aftermarket I've used on this one were in fact only seat belts from HGW, they were great to use in my opinion.

The only decals used on this one is the one on the armoured headrest, info/warning decals on the fuselage, insignia and crossed were painted also that square on the wings...in a way I paint all that I can paint.

You can check the buildlog in the forums.

© Mal Belford 2014

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