Revell 1/32 Iranian RF-4E, 2-6502 Tehran 2009

By Daniel Leduc

This was my first Phantom I finished two years ago for a group build we organised at the club here in Montreal as a special presentation for the 32sd Ajax annual model contest near Toronto, that we participate every year in October and a must see event with very talented modellers.

Simple construction with minor scratch based on the RF-4C Revell kit, paint used was a mix of Tamiya, no problem for the grey but the Blue was a nightmare, almost took me a month to get it right...

As for the metal section I used Humbrol buffing metal on some section and Alclad on others with an overall final mist of Alclad stainless.

Decals are a mix of Hobby decals Iranian F-14 (very helpful for the Farsi numbers) and homemade numbers done with laser printer and lots of Icarus stencils. Quickboost seat and intake cover, very little Eduard PE and placard, and the rear mirror are from Tamiya.

Flare dispenser was made out of scratch, too bad Harold's one was not out back then...movable surfaces were cut off from the kit, and lastly, burner can and exhaust are from CAM.

Finishing touch was with Tamiya TS-80 flat clear can after using Pro Modellers wash from Flory Models.

That's one big blue model that we don't see very often...

© Daniel Leduc 2014

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