HobbyBoss 1/32 F-84G

By Guy Goodwin

Just finished the Hobby Boss 1/32 F-84G.

I've become something of a kit snob lately, building only Tamiya or Wingnut Wings.. But picked up this on the spur of the moment at the Hendon model show for £25 thinking I'd regret it, but.. The kit is a beauty! Excellent fit, beautiful metal undercarriage as an option to the plastic parts, lovely rubber tires (which I know aren't to everyone's taste but they look great to me) & very fine surface detail - an absolute pleasure to build. Minor minus points for the decals which looked a little patchy to my eye, but to be fair I didn't use them & some detail could be added to the interior, but again, easily fixed these days.


Not without the usual hiccups though. Self induced of course. The primary one was experimenting with the Vallejo black primer - sold as being super tough - but it wasn't - sprayed nicely - looked great - flaked off with masking. I was on the verge of binning the whole thing, but I'd spent so long on the interior - I ended up buying another whole kit - which I could now only find for £38! B*#%+*#.... Oh well, you live & learn...

© Guy Goodwin 2014

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