Special Hobby 1/32 P-39D

By John Bardwell

This is my second Special Hobby P-39 build, the first being a P-400. Not a bad kit at all but it does take some extra effort to make it more presentable. I built it mostly out of the box except for the seat (from my spares box) and adding the fuselage lengthening plug (see my work-in-progress posts). The machine guns are all from Quick Boost while the 20mm is just a length of plastic tube of the appropriate size, etc. Paint is Model Master with a touch of this and that in places. I mixed the interior Bell Green using MM and my Mk. 1 eyeballs. The decals are from the kit except for the national insignias which are from a old I.A.R. sheet that is something like 30 years old. I used Terry Dean's nose weight plus some extra ball bearings for insurance. I'm glad I did because the TD nose weight alone would not hold the nose down.

© John Bardwell 2014

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This article was published on Monday, October 06 2014; Last modified on Monday, October 06 2014