Trumpeter F/A-18E Super Hornet

By Howard Weaver

Here are some photos of my recently completed Trumpeter F/A-18E Super Hornet.

I found that with a little patience, the assembly of the airframe went together pretty well. I used the kits decals for VF-31 "Tomcatters". The decals were pretty good and had adequate stencilling for this aircraft.

The only failing I found with this kit was the poor weapons and a lack of a pilot figure. The plans were a little vague at some points too. I used some leftover weapons from the Academy F-16C kit which were pretty good.

I usually don't put a pilot figure in my models and I usually display them with open cockpits. This time I did things a little different. I used a figure made from a mixture of Tamiya and Academy pilot parts and made the canopy shut.

The display base is from Nautilous models. Hope you like the big Hornet. I enjoyed building it.

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© Howard Weaver

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This article was published on Wednesday, July 20 2011; Last modified on Saturday, May 14 2016