Trumpeter 1/32 A-7D Corsair ll

By Joe Bagster

This one was started as part of the Air War Over Vietnam GB but I didn't finish it in time. Now its finished its finally good to have it done...and another kit removed from the stash!

Having previously built the A-7E I can say IMO that the A-7D kit is the better of the two in terms of mould quality and panel line consistency etc. Not that the A-7E is bad but they are challenging kits that definitely wont fall together. They do look good when finished though and its great to have another in the collection.

Probably not my best build and its not as accurate for the time frame intended but its a SLUF in SEA 1/32.

For this build I used the following aftermarket:

For paints:


Photos taken with my iPhone 6 Plus.

© Joe Bagster 2015

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This article was published on Sunday, March 08 2015; Last modified on Saturday, April 16 2016