Revell 1/32 Fw 190D-9 7/JG26 "Brown 4"

By Joe Bagster

This is the Revell boxing of the Hasegawa kit finished as the big tailed version "Brown 4" W.Nr. 500647 found at Hustedt by Canadian troops, late March 1945.

A really nice kit, and straight forward easy build. I used the JaPo books for reference which are fantastic books if you enjoy the subject matter. I am yet to add the antenna and seat belts.

This is my own take on "Brown 4" so there's a bit of artistic licence.

The only downside of the kit for me where the decals. They looked OK on the sheet but where very thick and the Brown 4 was more pink then brown. I ended up using a set from Cutting Edge for the national markings and limited stencils. I painted over the aircraft numbers with my own mix to portray a browner "Brown 4". Next time I would probably use masks.

In addition to the kit I also used (these weren't really needed though - but just add a bit more detail):

I added some extra piping and wiring to the exposed engine area just for a bit more detail.

For the camouflage I mixed all of my own colours from Tamiya and Gunze paints - RLM 76/81/82/83/84. Alclad and Tamiya Gloss Aluminium from the can for the natural meta finish areas and other details. The plastic had a lot of "swirling" which was a pain to cover over in some areas.

For weathering I used the usual oils, filtering and pigments, etc.

© Joe Bagster 2015

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