Trumpeter 1/24 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-12 Prototype

By Frank Mitchell

This model is (another) of mine which only recently got finished about ten years after it was started.

I bought this Trumpeter kit of the Fw 190D-9 when it was first released, which I think was about 2004. I had great plans for turning it into a 190D-13, and acquired a boatload of aftermarket kits, publications, decals, parts, etc. (sound familiar?) and actually did a bunch of work on it, but, being a normal modeler (if there is such a thing), my attention drifted, and it was put back into the box, not once, but several times. Finally, a couple of months ago, I was actually cleaning out some old kits (there is a rare statement) and decided to give it one more shot.

By this time, I had decided that I would like to something at least a bit different, since there had been a bunch of good write-ups published on the D-13, but because of the work I had already done, I went for one of the prototype D-12s.

I don’t really know exactly which aftermarket products I ended up using since many of the packages had been lost. However, based on what I could tell from the bones in the box, the forward fuselage was a rather heavily modified vac-form kit as was the radiator cowling, but from a different kit. The prop spinner was vac-formed over a mold I turned from hardwood. The prop blades were converted from one of the (anonymous) accessory kits. The tail was lightly modified. A number of other tweaks were done, but some of them have faded into my ancient memory.

The finish was several different brands of paint and the registration letters and serial were done on the computer.

I am reasonably pleased with it, and happy to have an empty box to throw away. Before closing however, I should also apologize to anyone whose parts I actually used, but could not identify. There were a fair number of them, judging by the bulging box...

© Frank Mitchell 2015

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