Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-15

By David Mooney

Well this started of as a quick easy project with no extras that I thought I'd use to try my metal painting technique out on before I did my B.A.C Lightening, well I got that a little wrong! Quick and easy...not likely! But it was enjoyable as it certainly put the brain, fingers and other skills to the test. Fit is poor and a challenge at almost very stage, but lets be fair to it, its getting on a bit and you can pick it up for £15 or less. The cockpit was very sparse so I add some cabling and extra switches to make it look a bit more interesting and realistic, added oil washes and chipping inside and outside of the plane. All painted with Humbrol metal coats which I must say I was really pleased with, I haven't tried other brands but these went on really well after a base coat of matt black. I used matt black as I wasn't after a nice and shiny aircraft but a rather beaten up and weather one.

© David Mooney 2015

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This article was published on Thursday, May 07 2015; Last modified on Monday, April 04 2016