Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat

By Tim Biggers

I actually started this kit somewhere around 10-12 years ago, and had big dreams of super detailing and the like. But after fits and starts for a few years, I got overwhelmed by the all the scribing and gun bays, etc., and shelved it indefinitely. Last year, when I re-joined this forum, I was inspired by many of the builds I saw, and decided I should resurrect it. Then I bought my first Tamiya kit (Corsair), and decided to use this kit as "practice" for some of the techniques I have learned here, so I could use them on the Corsair when the time comes.

A quick run-down on the particulars:



© Tim Biggers 2015

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This article was published on Wednesday, August 12 2015; Last modified on Wednesday, August 12 2015