Creating a Simple Diorama

By Piet Bouma

For simulating concrete, I use abrasive paper covered in several (slightly) different shades of 'concrete grey', after which I fill in the areas between these "abrasive tiles" with black paint (applied by fine brush).

Image 02 Image 05

I used "Revell Plasto" to flatten out the abrasive paper - to give the idea of real old concrete, which is not even at all places...

Image 01

Then it's time to weather the concrete by airbrushing some green (simulating grass and moss) and dropping some thinner diluted oil stains...

Image 03

The grass is model railway grass, first airbrushed in dark grey (to do away with the very pale green shining through the result), followed by different shades of green. Be sure to spray these colours from all (!) different angles / directions or you won't be able do get rid of the original unnatural colour...

Image 04

Spray away! Nature has no constant colour either...

Best of luck!

© Piet Bouma 2007

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