Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-15

By John Doerr

The MiG on Acid

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I got the Trumpeter 1/32 scale MiG-15 for a steal. I found out why when I discover the errors in the kit. A resin cockpit was added as well as a corrected vac-u-form canopy. Do not ask how much filler or the number of times I filled sanded primered, then repeated the process.

Then I committed my next in what had been a comedy of errors. I asked my better half to pick the scheme she liked best. The result has been best described as a MiG on Acid. Gentlemen, I have learned my lesson...Never, ever ask your wife, girlfriend, significant other, or whatever name she goes by, to select the paint scheme. I first painted the base color Model Master enamel 36495 light gray. Then tried every form of masking known to man, with no success. I ended up brush painting the black and desert yellow stripes free hand with Tamiya acrylics. I wish I could say it was an enjoyable build, but it wasn't. The only redeeming features are that it is one heck of a model and a real attention getter when entered in shows.

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© John Doerr 2008

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