Trumpeter 1/32 Bf 109K-4 "White 10" 9./JG 27

By Jay Howard

This build was mainly to see how the Trumpeter K compared to the Hasegawa version. The kit goes together quite nicely, but I would really have liked them to add more K features instead of the G-10 kit with a repositioned radio access panel and inner gear doors. Since the radio access panel is oddly shaped and most K-4s didn't use the inner gear doors they probably should have spent that effort on the cockpit. Still it was an enjoyable build. I did use some AM including RB belts, BarracudaCast prop blades, spinner, and wheels, G-Factor gear legs and EagleCals decals. I used some spare Hasegawa cockpit parts to be more K-like, EZ Line antenna wire and canopy tether, and Minimeca stainless tubing for the pitot. Mr. Color paints tweaked a little here and there, gouache mix for the exhaust stains.

© Jay Howard 2016

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This article was published on Tuesday, January 05 2016; Last modified on Wednesday, October 25 2017