HobbyBoss 1/32 Republic F-84G

By Henrik Redin

Here is something American in a French suit. The Republic F-84G. All in natural metal finish. Worn and beaten by the hands of time. The brand is HobbyBoss, not yet a "Tamiya" quality model. But good enough for me. Make sure to choose the landing gear in white metal. The plastic ones is far to weak to hold the model up straight. The build went fine and I hope you all like the result.

Model Factoids:

As for paints, I used Gunze Olive Drab, Gunze Red 423 and Gunze Gloss Black H2 in 2 layers with wet sanding between the layers. Tiny layers of Alclad Airframe aluminium that was wet sanded with 12.000 grit, Polished Aluminium and duraluminium on various panels along the airframe and wings.

© Henrik Redin 2016

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This article was published on Saturday, February 20 2016; Last modified on Monday, March 14 2016