Wingnut Wings 1/32 AEG IV Bomber (late)

By Peter Hofer

This was my first Wingnut Wings two engine bomber and was build last year. As always with Wingnut Wings, excellent fit of parts and fun from start until the end.

Not as huge as the Gotha or the Felixstowe but still more than 50 cm in wingspan.

The most complicated part was the full body lozenge covering.

Very nice boxart:

As usual it starts with building the very detailed cockpit:

Fuselage covered in lozenge "Tarnstoff":

Toned down:

Work on the two Daimler Benz D IV 260 PS engines:

Lower wings attached, with a 1:48 Bf 109E for size comparison:

And finished after 2 months work:

© Peter Hofer 2016

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