Hasegawa 1/32 F-16

By Mark Sprayberry

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The kit started as the basic 1/32 Hasegawa F-16 A/C Plus kit. I wanted to model the New York F-16s as they were the first day of Desert Storm. To do this, I needed the A style stabilators and armament. With some trading and pleading I got my hands on some early style stabilators. I robbed the Revell F-4E kit of its ALQ-119 along with the AGM-65 Maverick from Kangnam version of the Hasegawa F-5 E/F kit, and my buddy Tim G. supplied me with the GPU-5 gun pod, (thanks Tim). The entire model was also scribed.

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During construction, I used the Black Box cockpit, some soder wire for pluming, Evergreen for miscellaneous parts in the wheel wells. After sanding the seam in the canopy it was then dipped in a mixture of Future Floor Wax and yellow food coloring to obtain the gold tint of the canopy. The only other thing that was added was photo etching for the chaf and flare dispensers and stretched sprue for the static discharge wips. All painting was done in acrylic and washed with oils. The decals were enlarged from the 48th scale Super Scale sheet. I know Super Scale did the decals in 32nd Scale and I spent two years looking for them. I really had a blast doing this F-16 and my next one will be a block 50 or maybe an Israeli Bird.

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© Mark Sprayberry

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