Fisher 1/32 F7U Cutlass

By Mike Williams

This a real beast of a kit weighing at over 1.5lbs and costing $280, it is certainly a heavyweight in both senses of the word. Being a resin kit, I assembled it using two-part epoxy and varying viscosities of CA (superglue) for a real strong bond, especially on the major seams and join lines.

The wings are solid resin castings and the nose is a one piece casting which the cockpit and nose undercarriage bay are fixed into from behind. The kit includes photo etched details and G-factor brass undercarriage legs for the main gear units.

It takes a bit of work to line up everything but it fits perfectly with the exception of the wing to fuselage which need a fair bit of putty to make good to join. The tails, rudders, nose and intakes all fitted pretty much perfectly with very little clean-up of parts or much fettling to get a good fit. I was truly amazed at the quality of the mouldings and the ease with which it went together.

I finished it with Alclad resin primer and Gunze Aqueous acrylic paint for the Gull Grey over Insignia White. The kit decals were fantastic and performed beautifully settling nicely with Daco setting solutions.

© Mike Williams 2016

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This article was published on Thursday, May 26 2016; Last modified on Thursday, May 26 2016