Tamiya F-16C Block 32 Aggressor

By Richard Bernecki

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This kit is the new Tamiya 1/32 scale Block 32 F-16 C. Ever since I purchased the Two Bobs Aggressor decal sheet I knew I had to build this bird ( I needed to purchase their new sheet also, as it has been sized for this new kit, the basic change was around the refueling area on the spine). At this time, I must say that the Two Bobs decal sheet performed excellently. I can't detect any silvering and with a little setting solution, they went on perfectly. Kudos to Bob on the quality of his decals.

Image 02

I also used the new Eduard F-16 Color placards on this kit and have to say that I can't believe the detail that they can put on the etched metal pieces. Be careful when using pointed edge tweezers as the paint can be "chipped" from the parts! If you haven't seen these yet, I can endorse them without qualification! They're beautiful.

After construction and looking at the detail pictures on the Two Bobs sheet, I determined that in 1/32 scale, a hard edged color demarcation was more realistic than a soft edge demarcation. In my opinion, this is a toss up and each modeler will need to decide for themselves which they would like to use. I still need to add the aggressor weapons / electronics load as I am scratch building some of the components.

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This kit is the most detailed and easy kit to build that I have yet attempted. Any construction problems I had were of my own making by working too fast or out of sequence on the instructions! The kit was built in a three week time period using a couple of hours every other night. I don't normally work at this pace, but I wanted to finish this kit. Overall, I would highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting a detailed, easy to construct (but time consuming) kit of the F-16 Block 32. I hope you enjoy the pictures and now, on to the Block 52.

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© Richard Bernecki

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