Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair "Marines Dream"

By Pascal Wilb

I propose to you my Tamiya F4U-1 birdcage.

First, I didn't plan on punting the shark mouth, actually half of it, as I didn't know anything about this half nose art on VMF 214 and VMF 222 Corsair. Second, I wasn't able to see any picture that could have proved it, but the other side. At the end, I ordered the two volumes of Aircraft Pictorial, based on Corsair. Volume 1 page 27, you can find a Marines Dream's picture with the wanted side, of the shark, on which you can clearly see the eye and the inscription, placed under the cockpit. At that time I could have it fixed in adding the nose art.

© Pascal Wilb 2016

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This article was published on Thursday, July 14 2016; Last modified on Thursday, July 14 2016