Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-23 ML Flogger-G "Red 26"

By David Mooney

This is the Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-23 ML and builds up pretty well, no major headaches (unless you count the ones where is missed a step and couldn't get the nose section into the main fuselage, but that's my fault), only issue was on my kit the wing location pins were too long and needed to be made shorter. On thing I did find was that the undercarriage was pretty tricky and fiddly to get on and to sit correctly. If you build this kit though and wish to use 4 rocket pods, you will need to make the sway braces as Trumpeter only supply you 4 when your be needing 8 (2 each), not sure how or why they did that.

© David Mooney 2016

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This article was published on Wednesday, August 10 2016; Last modified on Friday, March 10 2017