Trumpeter 1/32 Su-25 Frogfoot A

By Spyros Michos

Here’s Trumpeter’s 1/32 kit of the Su-25 Frogfoot A. The model has been painted to depict the Russian AF Sno White 12 Sharkmouth example.

It’s probably one of Trumpeter’s best model kits with excellent detail providing open avionics bays on either side of the aircraft as well as both engines. The kit was built mainly OOB with the only addition being Fisher Models’ drop-in FOD covers and Zactomodels’ lovely outer wing pylons (which are missing from the kit and only negative point for me).

A variety of paints were used to finish the kit including Mr Paint for the cockpit, Alclad 2 Metal for the engines and other metallic areas and Lifecolor acrylics for the camouflage. The model was subsequently weathered using a combination of Mig Ammo and AK Interactive products to depict oil and fuel leaks, stains, scratches and paint touch ups.

The weapons loads were also heavily weathered based on photos of real examples such as the FAB-100 bombs and fuel tanks. Additionally, painted one KH-29T missile in operational colours and the other in training colours to add more variation.

Overall, a wonderful and fun model to have of one of the modern Russian AF’s most iconic aircraft! Now, where’s the trainer version?

© Spyros Michos 2016

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This article was published on Monday, September 26 2016; Last modified on Friday, April 28 2017