Trumpeter 1/32 F-8E Crusader

By Mark McAllister

Trumpeter's F-8E with Aires cockpit, exhaust and wheel wells. I do have to say the Aires bits & pieces really dress the airplane up, even though the OOB parts are not too bad. Painted with Model Master enamels, kit decals and my famous watercolor washes. I did make a few boo-boos that you can see, but, oh well.

I tried for a well-used airframe and the pics I had showed the staining around the gun ports to be pretty heavy. I think I got the right side just about right, but too heavy on the left.

The trailing edge and leading edge flaps are separate but take a lot of work to pose in the lowered position. That was the reason for one shelving: I wanted it to think about how bad it had been! The LE flaps still don't look right but too late!

Aires exhaust is much better than the kit parts:

Disregard the smudge between the mains - I missed this glob of wash and didn't see it until after the first clear coat was on.

© Mark McAllister 2016

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This article was published on Friday, September 30 2016; Last modified on Friday, January 27 2017