Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

By Tom Wilson

I read "The Big Show" twice, and always wanted to share my appreciation for Pierre Clostermann's book and exploits by building a 1/32 Tempest. When the PCM kit came out I almost bought it, but kept getting impressive updates from Special Hobby. I'm glad I waited! Tamiya paints, Maketar Masks, and not much else. The kit is very worth it. Just two things I noted: attach the forward fuselage halves to their respective rear counterparts first, to get a good fit. Also, the Tempest had a distinctive anhedral/dihedral when seen from the front, but I found the fit of the fuselage to the upper wings forced them outward and down, exaggerating this effect. To compensate I sanded back the fuselage where it attached to the upper wings...now if someone would come out with markings for his Spitfires!

© Tom Wilson 2016

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This article was published on Tuesday, November 15 2016; Last modified on Tuesday, November 15 2016