Planet Models 1/32 Yak-23

By Karl Holubar

This is a nice kit and ideal for a first resin kit, not too complicated in parts break up and count. I have not done any measurements, but dimensions seem to be OK. there is one small area of criticism: the main wheel well is too shallow, its center divider is missing, as are the actuators of the lower gear doors. I didn't feel like major surgery on the fuselage, so i left the wheel well alone, the rest can be added with some strips of sheet and stretched sprue. I can't vouch for the decals because I didn't use them.

Steep learning curve with gluing resin and materials used to fill, but nothing I couldn't overcome with some patience.

© Karl Holubar 2016

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This article was published on Saturday, December 03 2016; Last modified on Saturday, December 03 2016