Hasegawa 1/32 Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien

By Hubert Kendziorek

Kawasaki Ki-61 - I Hei Hien, s/n unknown, Chofu, February 1945, defense of Kanto region, including Tokyo. Machine flown by Taii Fumisuke Shono from 244th Sentai.

The aircraft has modified radio installation and dismantled Venturi tube, however some device (connecting rod?) previously hidden inside remained.

This machine was repainted several times between January and March 1945: green camouflage was removed in January (but some remnants of it remained on upper sides of ailerons, what I'm trying to show here), and in March she was camouflaged again with dark green mottling on upper surfaces and sides.

White stripes on wings and fuselage identified airplanes assigned to the homeland defense air force.

Very well known Hasegawa's kit, to which I added the resin cockpit from Aires, QB exhaust stacks, wheel well covers and machine guns from Master.

Markings sprayed using the Masks from Kagero's book "Topcolors, Fighters over Japan part 1".

Many thanks for all the comments in my workshop thread, very much appreciated.

© Hubert Kendziorek 2016

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