Italeri 1/32 Mirage IIIC 2/10 "Seine"

By Alain Personeni

Well, if I say this is not an easy kit to me...a lot of fitting issues, I won't make the list, the surface state is "grainy" at some places, not easy to get a nice natural metal finish, you have to rub, and rub again to get it smooth. Some engraving lines are soft, some details are not accurate for the C version, but rather for the E version...etc...

But, there are positive points: this is the only opportunity to built a decent Mirage, with a bit of work, it's really worth it. I am finally happy with the final result. Paint ref are Tamiya XF 18 with a drop of white and various shades of Alclad Aluminium. The squadron badge on the the vertical fin is "hand made", no decal available.

If interested, you can find a quick review of "enhancements" done here and there in my build thread.

© Alain Personeni 2016

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This article was published on Wednesday, December 21 2016; Last modified on Wednesday, December 21 2016