Wingnut Wings 1/32 Pfalz D.XII

By Christian Kaluza

After nearly one year I finally made it to the finish line with this one. It's nearly OOB except for Gaspatch MG08/15 and turnbuckles. The model itself was really awesome but somehow I screwed up the decals..there was so much silvering and the lozenge decals had so many wrinkles on them. It was horrible. I had to invest nearly two months only for decal work.

As for the propeller, it was fairly easy to make.

  1. Paint it a very light brown colour (Buff or Desert/Dark Yellow...anything like that)
  2. Search for a good picture of the propeller you are doing. In my case it's a Niendorf one and I used this picture as a guide:
  3. Use a small brush to paint on the darker color (not too dark, only dark enough like flat earth etc.)
  4. Take out your dark oil paint (like burnt umber etc.) and make light streaks with a large hard brush
  5. Let it dry and give it a shot of gloss clear
  6. You have your wooden propeller

© Christian Kaluza 2017

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