Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Do 335A Pfeil

By Tom Wilson

This is the Zoukei Mura Pfeil, built with Liquid Gravity (thought I had enough added, found I had to drill a hole through the fuselage and fill the entire forward engine cavity), Tamiya custom mixed paints, Maketar Masks, and tender loving care. The fit, detail, and engineering are absolutely unsurpassed, but ZM kits will mostly appeal to those who like seeing the detail as they build it, content that it will disappear as assembly continues... My only criticism (often stated) is the clear parts. I have yet to see one of these built transparent, aside from the ZM prototype builds. I'm looking forward to building the He 219 next!

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© Tom Wilson 2017

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This article was published on Friday, February 24 2017; Last modified on Friday, February 24 2017