Academy/MRC 1/35 Sikorsky UH-60A Blackhawk

By Rodrigo Aparicio

This is my 1/35th scale Academy/MRC UH-60A Blackhawk Dustoff. I build it representing UH-60A serial 87-24618 from the 2-3 AVN, deployed in Iraq ca.2008. The model was built using a lot of aftermarket sets, specially the Werner Wings UH-60 medevac update set which included the carousel litter system. Eduard Big ed set, Cobra Company CMWS sensors, Shapeways Wheels, Fireball models rescue hoist, Black ops pilot doors, Werner Wings excellent Blackhawk decal set, and a lot of scratch work was done in the cabin area and exterior parts such as wiring, connectors, etc.

The model was painted with Testors Model Master acrylic paints.

The main exterior color is U.S. Army Helo Drab (CARC Aircraft Green FS34031), For the interior the main color is Aircraft Interior Black (FS37031), and Dark Gull Gray (FS36231). Weathering and paint fading was done mixing the main color with shades of gray, OD and greens. Sand effect was made using Tamiya Weathering Sets and a wash using AK Interactive Yellow Sand Deposit.

This model is dedicated to all the brave crews of the U.S. Army Dustoff community, they are real heroes.

© Rodrigo Aparicio 2017

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