Fly 1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk I

By Olivier Barles

Here are a few photos of the Fly 1/32 scale Hurricane Mk I I've just finished building, under markings of the Battle of Britain. No. 151 Squadron code letters are hand painted.

A nice build even though it deserves a few corrections to get a perfect fit.

I vacu-formed the sliding part of the canopy as the thickness of the original part did not allow a nice rendering when open.

Otherwise and just for the fun of it, there are a couple of pictures where the Hurricane has been shot with my Revell Spitfire Mk 1a and with his younger brothers (Typhoon and Tempest).

© Olivier Barles 2018

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This article was published on Wednesday, March 14 2018; Last modified on Wednesday, March 14 2018