Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-84

By Mark Kuzia

The original goal the this build was to test and experiment with heavy wear, weathering, and chipping. My intention was for it to look like it was used, abused, and forgotten about, and studied actual pictures of heavily weathered Japanese aircraft. Some of my observations were that the late war Dark Green was often applied thinly over bare metal, and frequently chipped heavily along the cockpit, panel edges, rivets, and leading edges. On the contrary, the white used in markings was extremely resilient and rarely chipped, same goes for the Red used in Hinomarus, while chipping was limited, it did fade and wear off.

Items Used in this build:

This build had all the weathering techniques thrown at it, base-coating, mottling, chipping, washes, pastels, and pigments. The Hasegawa Ki-84 was a beautiful model to build, require not a single drop of filler anywhere, and only a slight scuff of a sanding stick on one wing root. Every other piece fit without any drama, only slight sanding along the fuselage half seams was needed, to date I still rank this kit as my most enjoyable build. Another kudos to Eduard, that made an excellent PE set to replace the fictional kit seat, and finally to Quickboost for the perfect fitting hollowed exhaust.

My build thread can be found in the forums.

© Mark Kuzia 2018

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