Tamiya 1/32 F-4J(UK) Phantom

By Piero De Santis

This is my F-4J(UK) Phantom (E / ZE353) with the 74 (F) Squadron, also known as "Tiger Squadron", based at RAF Wattisham in the late '80s.

The model is based on the Tamiya kit with the addition of the Black Box resin cockpit, GMT resin J-79 exhausts and engine auxiliary air intake, resin wheels and a resin SUU-23A gun pod.

I made the reinforcement strip running under the fuselage along the wing using plastic card.

Other minor details come from the Eduard PE sheet.

I've also added some hydraulic hoses and plates to the undercarriage wheel bays.

The pitot and AOA tubes are made of metal by Master.

A couple of red coloured resin FOD were added to the main jet intakes.

The unique camouflage is done using Tamiya and Gunze colors: for the greenish bluish gray I made my own mixture.

Decals are from Yellowhammer, but I've used small roundels from a Xtradecals sheet... the Yellowhammer's are too big.

© Piero De Santis 2019

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